Court Equipment & Accessories

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Tennis Posts

Deluxe model posts are used in many world class tournaments. Posts are high tensile galvanised SHS steel. The precision mechanism will give years of trouble-free performance.

Budget model posts are ideal for clubs, schools and for private courts. Posts are made from heavy duty galvanised powder coated steel.

Quality tennis posts and nets Durable tennis posts with crank handle Heavy duty galvanised SHS steel or power-coated tennis posts

Umpire Chair & Canopy

Powder coated galvanized steel construction with fabric cover.

High quality tennis umpire chair with canopy for shade and sun protection

Mobile Tennis System

T-Base frame is totally transportable on five (5) lockable non-marking rubber wheels. The frame can easily be wheeled away when not in use. Great for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Flexible, effortless and totally mobile tennis system

Aussie Clean Sweep

Clean and groom your tennis court in under 10 minutes!!

With the 8-foot (2m) Aussie Clean Sweep and very little effort - you can groom your tennis court to a perfect finish and at the same time remove leaves, pine needles, sticks, stones in fact just about any foreign debris in a matter of minutes. It is suitable for all court surfaces such as Synthetic Grass, Red Porous, Clay, Asphalt, Fast Dry, Grass, Acrylic/Cushioned Rubber, Plexi Pave, Loam etc.

Aussie Clean Sweep to maintain and clean your court in a flash!

Basketball towers, backboards, rings, nets and safety padding Basketball accessories for club, school, council and residential courts.

Basketball Towers

A range of towers, backboards, safety padding, rings and nets are available suitable for club, school, council and residential courts.

  • Manufactured from a range materials.
  • All outside borders and ring lines are marked to official measurements.
  • Polycarbonate backboards are available on request.
  • Half-size fibreglass backboards also available.

Netball posts with variety of combinations, including nets, rings and safety padding

Netball Posts

A range of netball posts are available.

  • Indoor or outdoor.
  • Combination with basketball and portable.
  • Rings, safety padding and nets to suit.

Strong volleyball posts with high quality nets Combination posts with volleyball and tennis

Vollyball Net Posts

A range of volleyball netposts are available:

  • Indoor or outdoor.
  • Combination with tennis.
  • Nets and safety padding to suit.

Badminton Net Posts

A range of badminton posts and nets are available:

  • Indoor or outdoor.
  • Combination options.

Safety Padding for all courts

A range of safety padding is available for most sports.

Stay safe with court padding for all sports.