Our Services

The quality services offered by Darling Downs Court Constructions are second to none. Contact us today to assist you with your court requirements, whether it's a court refresh, upgrade or a brand new court for your family home or club.

  • Earthworks and base preparation
    A good foundation will get your new court started in the right direction.
  • Base construction
    Roadbase & concrete laid correctly provides a solid base ready for your surface.
  • Court surface options available...
    • Synthetic Turf Surface
      The synthetic turf we supply carries a 7 year written manufacturer's warranty and is proudly Australian owned and manufactured. While some turf suppliers in Australia offer cheap imported surfaces, you can be assured with the turf we supply, you will receive a top class Australian made surface designed for our specific environment.
    • Acrylic Surface
      An acrylic surface coating specially developed for concrete and asphalt surfaces. It exhibits great non-slip properties for all sporting and recreational courts. The acrylic surface is a balanced formula of highly durable adhesion promoted acrylic resins, UV resistant oxide pigments, selected reinforcing fillers and fungicides. It exhibits excellent colour retention and extraordinary wearing properties.
    • Cushioned Rubber Surface
      Another great alternative surface. It contains a rubber mat between the substrate and top surface, providing the highest level of impact attenuation. The rubber matting provides excellent point elastic deflection, minimising shock attenuation on players’ bodies. Reduced knee joint stress, providing optimal comfort for ageing athletic players.
  • Fencing Posts & Mesh
    Quality black PVC coated or galvanised, available in either 3 metre or 3.6 metre height.
  • Court Lighting
    Traditional lighting can be provided with energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • Various Court Accessories
    We supply and install a large variety of sporting accessories for your court. Tennis nets and posts, netball posts and basket nets, basketball towers, umpire chairs, volleyball nets and posts, etc. View our range now.
  • Sanding & Grooming Courts
    Achieve longer life from your court by engaging Darling Downs Court Constructions to correct sand levels and control level of compaction from play. Our services includes the supply of quality silica synthetic turf sand.
  • Maintenance and Repairs
    We can professionally remove any built-up dirt, mould and/or algae that has accumulating on your synthetic turf surface.