Court Maintenance & Care

Darling Downs Court Constructions can assist with maintaining and servicing your court. It is recommended that your court be professionally cleaned and serviced twice a year, but no less than once every 12 months. Lack of maintenance could compromise your surface warranty and longevity.


As the sand infill becomes increasingly compacted and a certain level of solidification becomes evident, the performance of the court will rapidly deteriorate. Initially, the court may appear to be playing better as it appears to be more solid, giving a truer bounce, but as the surface will continue to harden and will become less reliable.

Another problem will be experienced with footing becoming treacherous. The sand build up and subsequent hardening in the pile of the artificial grass allows less traction and so slipping is more common, the court becomes faster than normal and more difficult to play.

On average, a standard size court requires approximately 1-2 tonne of sand to bring the court back to recommended levels.

Algae & Moss

Foreign matter such as leaves, pine needles, nuts and shaded areas on courts, etc; are prone to algae, staining and blocked drains.

Also, due to recent weather, we experienced many cases of mould. This can be difficult (and sometimes impossible) to eradicate. Small areas of infestation can be treated with proprietary algaecides. Applied in recommended concentrations, your surface should not be affected. If treated early, these algaecides will kill the algae. We then remove the dead remains with a heavy broom and groom new sand into the court.

For major algae and moss problems the court will need a complete treatment and thorough cleansing and new sand is groomed into the court. This may take 2 to 3 visits depending on the severity.

Contact Darling Downs Court Constructions today for assistance with establishing a routine maintenance plan for your investment.